Because today’s European trading companies in industry and building belong to large groups based on profitability and impersonal management with customer relationship, GOTREX remains as a human scale throughout its development based on the relationship, closeness, understanding and respect of its customers.

With an experience of over 20 years in industrial and construction supplies, and more than 15 years in export, deals with GOTREX will both meet your technical requirements and your expectations of cost reduction, logistics and simplification of import documents.

GOTREX started its activity in the industrial valves and then building supplies.

Because export markets being supported by significant development for tourism and public infrastructure, and also by significant development of internal resources, new products and business areas were added to the GOTREX range of products like : plumbing, ventilation, solar, heat pumps, public and private pools.

In 2015 GOTREX decided to add to its activity the manufacture of brass and cast iron valves thanks to its GOVAL , an additional step for the GOTREX group which allows Strict control of quality, marketing and its development.

In order to continue strenghthening its presence in Africa and in the field of industry, GOTREX acquires CHERO FRANCE in 2018 .

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